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Specializing in colorful polymer cement overlays for floors, countertops and decorative panels

Typical floor application

Kitchen floor and countertop

Kitchen floor and countertop 2

Closeup showing texture and blue color

Closeup showing orange colors

Closeup showing blue colors

Stairs done in decorative polymer cement

Red panel

What is a decorative polymer cement overlay?

Simply put, it is a thin veneer of cementitious material that can be applied to nearly any old surface to provide a remarkably tough and beautiful new surface. The cement is applied as a semi-fluid material, almost the consistency of peanut butter. Once the material has dried, the surface is covered in a single piece of cement without any seams. Colors are nearly limitless and the top, wearable surface (the glossy part) protects your floors or countertops. Colors are achieved in three ways. First, the cement itself can be tinted in thirty-six colors, which give the cement a constant solid color through and through. Second, there are thirty-six colors of stains and dyes available that can exhibit mottled coloring of varying intensity. Third, the epoxy sealant can be colored with hundreds of different metal micro-flake colors.

Won’t It Break?

Not likely. The cement is highly refined and mixed with a high percentage of hybrid polymer resins (manmade compounds) which give the material extraordinary strength, flexibility and performance in a very thin veneer. The material begins to perform at thicknesses as low as one grain of sand and can be used at thicknesses up to a few inches. In most cases the decorative polymer cement overlay is about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch thick. It has all the positive attributes of conventional cement in terms of hardness and longevity without the negative attributes of cracking or breaking when flexed and high weights per square foot.

Who are decorative cement overlays for?

Worshipers of Clean- The completed result of a decorative polymer cement overlay is a surface that is waterproof, stain proof, dirt proof, and easy to clean. Best of all when it’s clean, it’s truly clean. That’s because the final step of an interior decorative cement overlay is the application of a heavy coat of epoxy, which hardens into a glass-like surface over the cement. There are no pores or seams for anything to penetrate and we’ve yet to have anything stick to our floors or countertops that we couldn’t easily remove. 

Other types of flooring just can’t be as clean as decorative polymer cement overlay floors. For example:

The worst offender of dirtiness is carpeting, which allows tremendous amounts of dirt, dust, dander, moisture, mold and general nastiness to settle in the fibers, in the backing and in and below the padding where it festers. That dirt then rises back up into the air with every step. If you have carpeting in your house, pull up an area and see how much dirt is under there. Also, many carpets are made from materials that release chemical toxins into the air from the moment they are installed until they are removed from the area. If you have anyone in your house with respiratory issues, get rid of your carpeting.

Woods and other plank-type flooring have seams between each board that allow dirt and fluid to seep through. Underneath the planking is usually a sub-floor made of any of a variety of wood particle boards, such as OSB. Sub-flooring hold loads of dirt and liquids that have seeped through the seams between the planks. Also, most of the finishes applied to the planks wear off in only a couple of years and even faster if there are pets in house.

Tiles and stones are beautiful, but brittle materials. They can break under high impact, or if , if the substrate (the foundation underneath the tiles or stones) is not sound. Cracked or broken tiles or stones hold dirt and fluid. Additionally, tiles and stones are porous materials and grout is even more porous. These pores hold dirt and fluids.

Pet Owners- Decorative polymer cement overlays are water-sealed and seamless, which means that there are no cracks, seams, pores or joints and therefore, no way for liquids to seep in. Also, the top coat of epoxy resists claw scratches better than any other material we’ve encountered.

Allergy Sufferers: Those with allergies will find relief with floor and counter surfaces that are entirely sealed. Airborne particles that can fall to the floor or counters are easily vacuumed or wiped up and molds have nowhere to grow.

Anyone Interested in a Technologically Advanced, Artistically Beautiful and Practical Floor or Countertop.

Why “WOW! Factor Finishes”?

The most common, unsolicited, impulsive reaction by someone seeing our products for the first time is to exclaim, “WOW! That is beautiful.”  Or “WOW! That’s amazing!”  Followed quickly by, “WOW! What is that?”  Our goal with every project is to give your floors, countertops, patios, sidewalks, driveways or walls the very highest WOW! factor.